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I'm Abhinav

Principal Designer at

Previously @PayU, @Airtel

Creating mindful and intuitive human-centered experiences to make life simple and easy for humans.

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My Work

Most Impactful Projects on show |

I have had the opportunity to apply my experience and knowledge with companies like Airtel, Times Internet, Genpact, and more.

My Strengths

Strengths and skills that I developed over the years helping to achieve the best possible outcome |

• Strategic thinking & planning

• Psychology & behavior analysis

• Mentorship & team handling

• Cross-functional collaboration

• Storytelling

• Rapid prototyping

Free Resources

Tools & Resources: ioro |

I love sharing expertise through free design tools and resources, helping others achieve more and make the world a little better.

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Talks and Workshops

Sharing my learning and
enthusiasm for design |

I have had the honor of receiving invitations to share my knowledge, expertise, and passion for design with numerous colleges and institutions.

Content Creation

Exploring the art of being camera-confident |

In my free time, I enjoy creating reels and content as a hobby that allows me to express my creativity.


Hear from Others |

Here are some words of people I have worked with in the past.

Covin App Redesign
Nishesh Bhatnagar
Head of Design, Airtel
I am delighted to provide a strong recommendation for Abhinav Aggarwal, who reported directly to me during our time working together on building a large screen experience. Abhinav is an exceptional designer who consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic, user-centric thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Abhinav is an outstanding employee who possesses an exceptional work ethic, user-centric thinking, and problem-solving abilities. He would be a valuable asset to any team, and I highly recommend him without hesitation. Anyone would be fortunate to work alongside him, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Covin App Redesign
Nitish Khagwal
Senior Product Design Manager at Paytm
Abhinav is true UX gem. When it comes to behavioral aspect of design Abhinav is always at plus. I appreciate his community contributions and his zeal to promote product design. He is avid learner who always try to unleash new aspects of ux and product design. I wish him loads of luck for all of his future endeavors.
Covin App Redesign
Kriti Goyal
UX Designer at Amazon
Abhinav has a keen sense of design and advocates user-first approach in all his projects. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him on several pieces in Airtel Xstream, and it was always a pleasure to brainstorm and iterate with him. He not only understands the user needs and aspirations, but is also cognizant of the tech capabilities and limitations, and ensures that his designs are both feasible and functional.
Covin App Redesign
Snehil Raghav
Product at Airtel Xstreams
Abhinav is one of the most user-centric product designers I've worked with - not only does he think from a customer-first lens, he's always looking to innovate on UX with the latest technology. He's also among the most proactive and polite people I've interacted with.
Covin App Redesign
Sawti Soni
Sr. Lead Product Design at Emids
Abhinav is a former work colleague and a natural, comprehensive expert when it comes to Product Design. His approach to design springs from his personal thirst for learning, which manifests itself into an effective UI/UX experience. His contribution to the design community has helped a lot of young & upcoming designers. It has been a pleasure knowing him. 🙂
Covin App Redesign
Prachi Bhatia
Product Manager at Zuoro
Abhinav was aligned with me during his stay in Genpact. Abhinav is a meticulous and hard-working professional. He created designs for new and existing functionalities in the product. His attention to detail and out of the box thinking was much appreciated. His curiosity and receptiveness to new ideas will make him an asset in any team and organization.
Covin App Redesign
Vikas Raj Yadav
Product Design Consultant
Abhinav is a really motivated designer and a person. He always brings a level of energy to work which motivates others to keep up. I've worked with him when we both were very new to the industry and he was really hardworking. We both were competitive and hard-working at the same time. That is the reason I respect the guy even better. I recommend Abhinav as he brings a lot to thing the table apart from his exceptional designing skillset. Love to work with the guy again!

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